Tony Star blows a load (Squirtz)


Tony, is your name Tony Star because you have star tattoos? That’s my hypothesis, anyway. I also hypothesize that it’d be fun to suck Tony’s nice, thick, twinky dick! Enjoy watching this sexy boy explode!

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We were glad to have Tony Star back in front of our camera after more than a year. Video games still occupy most of his spare time when he’s out of school but even with all his game playing, he had time for a regular fuck friend for almost 5 months. Knowing Tony as we do, we were surprised that he stuck with just one guy for so long. But when he described the guy’s cock, thicker around than a Coke can, we knew why Tony was reluctant to let that one go. He always said he likes the biggest cocks he can get, and he likes it rough, and he likes it to go on and on for as long as the top can deliver. Who would have guessed such an appetite from such an innocent face.

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