Chandler fucks Trenton in the shower (Corbin Fisher)


I want Chandler to fuck me so bad! At least we get to enjoy watching his amazingly huge cock get used on all the other boys! Trenton takes all of Chandler’s bare dick up inside him in this hot shower scene! Enjoy!

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A short time after Trenton’s first bottoming scene (with Kent), I asked him how it went. He confessed to his liking bottoming much more than he thought he would, and admitted it felt pretty good – though any of us that saw him in that first bottoming video knew that already!

I jokingly said, “Now we just need to get you to bottom for Chandler”.

Trenton’s eyes got wide at that, and he shook his head. “I don’t know if I could do that!”.

Well he most certainly can do that, and he most certainly loved it! We knew Trenton found he liked getting fucked, and so we knew he’d love Chandler’s huge dick inside him! What’s more, Chandler doesn’t just have a huge dick – he knows how to use it! And he rocks Trenton’s world with that cock in this super hot shower fuck that ends with Trenton feeding on Chandler’s massive load!

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