Levi Karter, Asher Hawk and Zach out by the lake (Cocky Boys)


Wow, Levi sure is getting buffer! Yum! He’s looking really hot next to his sexy friends Asher and Zach, too! These three bad boys love hanging out by the lake together and then heading back inside for even more fun…enjoy watching their hot scene!

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Zach, Asher, and Levi have such great chemistry together that you might as well call them brothers. They have dark hair and eyes, tan skin with tattoos, and the type of edgy attitudes that makes up all good CockyBoys. So they really enjoyed just hanging out and getting to know each other, showing off their bodies and fooling around in the pool.

Zach and Asher shared their first hardcore scenes with each other, so they were already well acquainted before they met Levi. But Levi fit in perfectly, commenting that he loved looking at Asher’s thick dick and bubble butt and that Zach could “do whatever he wants” to him.

And Levi got exactly what he wanted. Adding to their chemistry together is that these three boys are all very sexually versatile. First Zach was fucking Levi, then Levi started drilling Asher, and then Asher flipped Levi around and returned the favor. This is what sex is like when all three guys can perform in multiple ways.

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