Orlando White fucks Blake Hanson (Staxus)


Hmm, Staxus boys sure have been into cowboy hates and outdoor scenes lately! But that’s okay, since they’re also into showing off their big dicks and sexy, smooth bodies! Enjoy watching Orlando plow Blake!

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Thinking back to happier times, Orlando White reminisces of an idyllic afternoon that he once spent in the orchard with blond-haired fuck-magnet, Blake Hanson. Needless to say, picking apples was very much the last thing on the mind of these two horny bastards, and within a few seconds White has coaxed his buddy out of his pants and is feasting on the rampant aching flesh that he’s discovered nestling in Hanson’s crotch. Cue a terrific, open-throated suck that Hanson himself is soon keen to replicate, as the two dashing beauties appear to go out of their way to compete for some sort of fellatio accolade! Not that anyone could possibly blame their tenacity. Both boys have the kind of dicks that pretty much all of us would be happy enough to pleasure; and soon the two pals are laid out on the grass giving each other mutual satisfaction 69-style. Needless to report it’s not long before White is giving Hanson’s ass-hole a feverish examination with his tongue; leading to a stunning, energetic fuck that the young bottom will almost certainly find difficult to forget in a long, long time. As, it may also be noted, will you. These two beauties really are at the top of their game as they romp on the picnic rug in a succession of eye-popping, not to mention ball-bustin’ positions; and it’s little surprise that Hanson is soon spewing like a mountain spring whilst White continues to bang his ass! All nice topped off by White’s own sticky contribution, to make this an outdoor fuck-fest to remember!

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