Jessie Mongomery fucks Jamie Sanders (8teenboy)


Mmm, Jessie and Jamie are two of the cutest Helix Academy boys! And just look at Jamie’s booty! And then look at it while it’s getting pounded by Jessie’s hot twink cock! And just look how gay friendly that locker room is! Enjoy just looking at these two sexy boys!

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Recovering from his problems at home Jessie Montgomery retreats to his old dorm room at Helix Academy. Cheerful memories are conjured up as Jessie finds his Crescent Club medallion, academy gym shirt and old photos which spark a recollection of his time in the locker room with Jamie Sanders. Visions of Jamie’s sweet tongue wrapped around his throbbing dick inspire Jessie to start stroking himself in the empty dorm room. Temperatures continue to rise at the thought of his big bare cock slamming Jamie’s perfectly tight hole on the locker room bench. And memories of his earth-shaking orgasm that filled Jamie to the brim and slowly ran down the crack of his round ass is too much for Jessie to handle and he explodes in ecstasy all over his own stomach.

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