Easton fucks Trenton (Corbin Fisher)


Oooh, bareback pool studs! That’s what Easton and Trenton are in this hot pool and spa scene! Enjoy watching these two boys get extra wet in the water!

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When it comes to newer models who’ve shown incredible enthusiasm and aren’t afraid to demonstrate just how great they think action with another guy can feel, Trenton and Easton definitely stand out! Right from their very first pairings with fellow CF studs, each of these young men set all inhibitions aside and embraced what clearly felt good to them, and it’s shown in all their action since.

What they get in to here is no exception, as they immediately take to pleasuring and getting pleasure from one another – they’re playing around in the pool for only a short while before they can’t keep their hands and mouths off one another and the suits come off.

But this video is about more than just two young studs making each other feel good. There is some intense passion, mixed with playfulness, that makes it a perfect example of how hot things can be when two young, ripped-bodied, athletic young college men get in to it with one another. Trenton can’t get enough of Easton’s cock in him, and Easton can’t get enough of Trenton’s hole; when they blow their loads, each clearly wants to eat up as much of the other’s cum as possible.

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