Kellan rides Smith (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm, Kellan! Ever since Kellan’s first hot solo scene in the shower, we’ve been obsessed with him (and his hot pecs)! It’s so stimulating to watch Kellan in action with another sexy guy like Smith – especially when Kellan is getting fucked! Enjoy watching his pecstacular pecs bounce to the rhythm of Smith’s thrusts!

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To say it’s exciting to see Smith in action with his fellow CF studs would be a tremendous understatement. After waiting so, so long to see Smith do anything with another guy, we weren’t only finally treated to that but got to see an intensity from him that blew us all away – he not only sucked, fucked and got fucked by other guys but looked amazing while doing it and clearly discovered it felt better than he ever imagined it would.

The same can all be said for Kellan – he made us wait for ages to see him in action with another man, but took to it eagerly, discovered he quite liked it, and now every scene he’s in overflows with intensity.

Pairing Smith and Kellan up with one another, you can do no wrong! These two are in to each other right from the start, and I suspect plenty of our members will blow their load while Smith and Kellan are still making out at the beginning of this video! This one is HOT, and I have to say that as much as each of these two studs have impressed me so far, they take things to entirely new levels with the action here

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