Matthew Keading gets fucked by Jacob Dixon (8teenboy)


This actually happened to my boyfriend once! Except that he and the boy had some common sense and went home for the fucking. But this is porn, which means common sense grows more uncommon as the cocks grow larger and larger! Maybe I should get a retail job after all, just so I can help out the hung tops who need some fashion advice? Hmm. Well anyway, enjoy Matthew and Jacob in this hot bareback scene!

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Who hasn’t had a fantasy about a sexy store clerk stepping into your changing room for a quickie? Matthew Keading and Jacob Dixon bring this twink bareback dream to life in “The Changing Room”. While begging for Matthew’s honest opinion about underwear, Jacob attempts to stuff his huge cock into a skimpy jock strap that can’t seem to hold his growing erection. Matthew’s mouth waters at the sight giving Jacob somewhere else to try and stuff his behemoth rod. You will never look at changing rooms the same way again!

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