Timo Swift fucks Zachary Perry (Dirty Tony)


Hot, hung, and horny naughty boys with big muscles and tattoos? Oh my! Timo and Zachary can fuck me any time too…but for now, let’s have some fun watching Timo pound Zach! Enjoy!

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Timo Swift is one handsome devil. He has gorgeous blue eyes, an infectious smile, rock hard abs and beautiful pink cock. It is no wonder that a mutual friend of ours asked him to do a little underwear modeling. When crunch time comes, Timo is a little nervous and not quite sure what he is jumping into. Fortunately, underwear aficionado Zachary Perry is able to come to Timo’s rescue and make him see the error of his granny-pantie-wearing ways. Zach gets Timo into something much more form fitting and even tries to put a little movement in those slim hips. What happens next is no surprise. With Zach’s face so dangerously close to Timo’s tightly wrapped present, he can’t help himself. He grabs Timo’s cock and starts sucking happily away. Timo gets even happier when Zach rolls him up and over to expose his pink hairy hole for a clean licking. Timo loves getting his ass eaten, he squirms and moans for more, his dick getting harder by the second. Zachary in his sexy jockstrap gets serviced first by Timo’s pretty mouth, and then by his perfect cock. Timo’s long slick dick glides in and out of Zach’s tight hole, the boys rocking together while their strong hands grab at each other’s muscles. These boys are so cut and sexy, even they can’t keep from blowing their loads all over one another. Zach is the first to blow, he rides Timo like a white pony and releases a white creamy treat all over Timo’s chest. Timo flips Zach onto his back so he can paint his face with his military bi-boy batter.

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