Clinton bottoms for the first time with Quinn (Corbin Fisher)


Hot blond stud Clinton gets to take a cock up his ass for the first time, and the lucky top to pop him is Quinn! Quinn’s smooth hole sure looks like it opens wide even when he’s doing the fucking…maybe they should get a threeway going so it can get filled up too! Enjoy this hot scene!

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I’ve been looking forward to this one! Clinton is an ideal CF stud – that tall, built, blond guy you see around campus and wonder, “Is he? Would he?!”. Well, not only does he but he looks hot as hell doing it! We’ve already been treated to the site of Clinton in action with a guy when he fucked Tom, but now it’s time to see just how this young man responds to taking a dick up his ass!

What better guy to break someone in than Quinn? Quinn’s capable of both passion and intensity, being rough and gentle, and he breaks out all of that here. After the incredible blow job Quinn delivers at the outset of this video, Clinton could not possibly have been more ready to get fucked! Then, with Quinn’s dick in his hole and Quinn’s hands stroking his cock, Clinton can’t help but blow a massive, powerful load!

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