Kennedy face fucks Kellan (Corbin Fisher)


Another new CF stud to drool over – Kennedy! In this debut scene, Kennedy gets sucked off by hottie Kellan – and he even gives him a hard face fucking! Enjoy watching Kellan gobble up Kennedy’s cock and load!

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You’re going to like Kennedy! I know I do!

Kennedy works out at least 4-5 times per week, and it shows in that hot body of his – nicely defined and tight, when he flexes those arms his entire upper body comes to life.

Beyond just looking hot as all hell, Kennedy made quite the impression on everyone at CF when he first arrived here – he’s smart, confident, friendly and very sexual. He loves blowjobs, loves to cum, and so getting him to agree to lay back and let Kellan blow him wasn’t too difficult!

As Kellan starts to work on Kennedy’s cock, it’s not enough for Kennedy to just lay back and get blown. He fucks Kellan’s mouth deep, even making him gag. Kennedy confesses he loves pulling on his partner’s hair, and you can see he can’t keep his hands out of Kellan’s hair here. The treatment his cock is getting from a wet mouth is enough to take Kennedy over the edge and he feeds his big load to Kellan, who hungrily laps up all he can get. We even manage to get Kennedy to kiss Kellan after he feeds him his load – something that bodes well for what we might see this stud doing in the future!

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