Andrew and Jason flip flop (Active Duty)


We just met Jason the other day in his solo scene, but now he’s back and already getting into topping and bottoming with fellow Active Duty stud Andrew! And it’s Jason’s first time being penetrated! Enjoy their virginal bathroom fun!

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On Sunday, Active Duty brought back new recruit Jason and introduced him to shredded Andrew. You’ll remember Jason from his solo debut, but this is the first time we’re meeting gorgeous Andrew even though it’s technically his second scene with AD. Active Duty’s own golden boy, Kaden Saylor, took over the filming of their new recruits in Dink’s shower. It’s only fitting that Kaden has a knack for directing, because he himself has done more scenes for Active Duty than any any other model at a whopping 57!

Jason and Andrew start out shooting the breeze with Kaden and each other. They chat about being in the military, their debut scenes, wanting to join in the lesbian video playing in the background, and working out. From there they start to compare bodies before hopping in the shower and lathering and jerking each other. Andrew has already done a duo, so he takes the lead and drops to his knees to suck Jason. Then Jason returns the favor before they switch again. Andrew decides that he’d like to try bottoming for the first time, and Jason is happy to help him out. Unfortunately, Jason isn’t able to get all the way in before Andrew decides that he’s just not ready for that step. That’s okay though, because lucky for us Jason IS ready to lose his cherry! Chiseled Andrew tops the cute virgin first from behind over the tub and then on his back. He does some nice long and deep strokes and Kaden gets lots of good shots of their faces, close-ups and angles on their great bodies. They shoot impressive loads on each other, almost in-sync, before wrapping it up with some laughs and a kiss. Great job, guys!

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