Josh gets fucked by Quinn (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm, bareback Corbin Fisher studs! Quinn sure has a nice big dick…good thing veteran Josh is there to take it all the way up his ass! Enjoy watching Josh ride Quinn like the pro that he is!

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If you’ve seen our European Stimulus Collection from CF Select, you’ve seen just how hot Josh and Quinn can get when paired up with one another. These two guys made the most of their trip to Europe and got in to some incredibly hot action that all ended with Quinn’s load in Josh’s hole. Now, we get these two paired up again for a hot fuck that blows the roof off the place!

What I especially like about seeing both Quinn and Josh in action is just how horny these guys get – you can tell they each absolutely love sex, whether giving it or taking it in the ass. They’re each perfect examples of what can happen when you have guys that are able to not only generate loads of energy, but also feed off their partners’. Every moan from Josh seems to inspire Quinn to fuck harder and deeper; the look on Josh’s face as he gets his ass drilled seems to drive Quinn more and more wild.

Fittingly, given how in to one another these two are, Quinn ends up quite surprised by his own orgasm. You can see him sense it’s coming and try and hold off, but is unable to as he blows a massive load that drenches Josh’s tight chest in cum. That is enough to send Josh over the top, and he’s soon feeding his own big load to Quinn!

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