Michael Evans is a young, aspiring body builder! (GayHoopla)


At 23 years old, I’m a very small guy – so when I see a tall, beefy boy like Michael here, I’m always a little intimidated when he’s so much younger than me! It also makes him all the more attractive of course, and it’s all the more hot when you hook up with bigger/younger guys! I can’t wait to see what Michael looks like after he’s done more training – enjoy his hot solo scene!

We hope to see more of Michael at GayHoopla as he tries to achieve his goal of being a body builder. Click here now to check out all of the other hot scenes at GayHoopla.

Meet Michael Evans. This young stud is 18 years old and dreams of one day becoming a body builder. He’s currently trimming up for a show and is begging us to film him again in March, when he will be at his best look. This freshly faced farm boy didn’t even have a bank account, and I took him to set one up today. He was such a nice kid who truly just wanted to please.


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