Taylor in a hot, muscular solo scene (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm…Taylor! So hot and muscly…and that amazing package! He’s definitely pecstacular, absmazing, and has some nice bigceps! ┬áNow what this about a hot younger brother too? Maybe we’ll find out, but for now, enjoy Taylor in his hot solo scene!

We hope to see more of Taylor at Corbin Fisher. Click here now to check out more collegiate studs.

Taylor works out every day of the week, and it shows in that hot body of his. His chest is pretty impressive, arms are nice and buff, and he’s definitely a treat to look at when he gets that shirt off! All around, Taylor’s a hot one – he has that laid-back, quintessential California demeanor and you only need to spend a few minutes looking at his hot face and body and seeing he must definitely earn himself some long stares whenever he’s hanging out down on the beach.

The mountains are where he’s really at home, though – Taylor snowboards and skis, each of those also contributing to that hot body. Snowboarding and skiing must do wonders for his ass, too, as Taylor’s has to be one of the hottest ones we’ve seen in awhile!

I’m hoping Taylor’s fondness for extreme sports translates in to a willingness to try out some new and different things at CF. Oh, and did I mention Taylor has a hot younger brother?

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