Jayden fucks Ashton (Southern Strokes)


Aww, Jayden and Ashton are such a cute couple! Maybe they will end up being boyfriends! It’s super hot finally meeting a guy in person after chatting a long time online. Enjoy watching  cuties Jayden and Ashton!

We finally get to see Ashton and Jayden hook up at the Lake House. Click here now to check out the full scene.

These two Southern boys had checked each other out a few times on Southern Strokes before they decided that they just had to hook up with each other so next thing you know, our two horny studs were on their way up to the lake house for so hot sex.

Ashton and Jayden have become mainstays at the lake house so I don’t even know if they paid attention to the cameras in front of them.  They had been flirting on line for months so these country boys in heat were ready to have a little naked fun and show off for us.

Jayden leaned over and started off locking lips with Ashton.  The two of them went at it like a true lovers’ first kiss.  Jayden slowly worked his way down Ashton’s shirtless chest and before he knew it, Jayden had Ashton completely naked so they could take turns sucking each other off.

Ashton was ready to receive Jayden inside of him so Ashton climbed up on the arm of the chair and opened his legs for Jayden’s big hard cut cock.  The boys fucked the cum out of each other all afternoon long ending with the guys both taking loads in their mouths and then sharing it.  I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised when the two lovebirds took off for a little romp on the west coast after we were finished.

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