Kaos and Reese flip flop (Defiant Boyz)


Uh oh, it’s another scene of jock vs. nerd! Usually the hot ¬†jocks get to top the cute little nerd boys, but this time, they’re flip flopping! Enjoy Reese and Kaos in this hot scene!

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How hot are these guys? Kaos is the ultimate military/jock guy with a great body while Reese is the more reserved shy science nerd. Regardless of what they look like with their clothes on, these studs are sure down to party with each other. They spend some time kissing before Kaos’s head lands in Reece waiting lap. He sucks his friend eagerly, and Reece loves every second of it! Reece returns the favor to Kaos, slurping his meat stick with fervor. Soon Kaos is ready for a little more action and he parts his legs (and his cheeks) for Reece’s throbbing dick. But wait, what’s this? Reece bottoms too, letting Kaos work his tight hole before coating Kaos’s face with creamy man paste!

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