Tyler is Taylor’s hot little brother! (Corbin Fisher)


Gasp! So it was true…new hottie Taylor really DOES have a hot little brother – Tyler! Is it just me, or does Tyler look older than Taylor? You decide! And who the fuck are their parents? Supermodels? Their family definitely has some good genes, as I’ve never met two hot brothers before, at least not like these two! Enjoy Tyler’s hot solo!

Check out Tyler’s older brother, Taylor, at Corbin Fisher by clicking here.

Last week we mentioned new Freshman Taylor had a brother, and here he is!

Tyler’s a little younger than Taylor, and you can most definitely see the resemblance between them. These two hot young men look alike, and also share an interest in extreme sports – Tyler’s a rock climber and loves spending as much time as possible outdoors. Tyler has a hot, defined and tight body with just a bit of hair in all the right places. He also, like his brother, has a super hot ass! When Pete mentions we might have to have a “hot ass contest” to compare their backsides, Tyler confidently states he’d win it.

Tyler likes jerking off to porn, but I think his real talent is jerking off in porn! He looks hot as hell as he lays back to stroke out a load and, when he does shoot, his moans are deep and he fires off a shot clear up to his neck.

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