Max Gatling shoots a big load (Bentley Race)


Mmm, Max is such a sexy, hung, sporty boy…he’s got such a hot, lean body! And when you see him whip out that cock, you’ll know why he’s called Gatling! He should really be called bazooka or something, since the thing is that huge! Enjoy watching this hot Aussie boy blowing his load!

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This adorable 18 year old Aussie boy was visiting from Queensland (Australia) last week. He had seen some of his mates on BentleyRace and was interested in getting in front of the camera as well.  Max is really cute! But wait until you see him with his gear off. He has this amazing lean muscle body and a cute little bum as he rolls his undies down. But wait until you see that huge uncut monster he’s packing. Max Gatling is HUGE!  And to prove it he wraps both his big hands around his fat shaft to give you an idea of it’s size. Max puts on a great performance as he jacks off with a fleshlight in the window. Every muscle in his body tenses up as he’s about to blow his load. Now Max is one Aussie boy who can hang out at my place naked anytime!

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