Trevor and Nick jack off (My Straight Buddy)


Uh oh, the boys are done wrestling, but now they’re really horny! What are two straight boys to do? Jack off together in their motel, of course! Who knows what’s next for these straight studs? Enjoy their scene!

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So by now Trevor and Nick had been wrestling quite a while, and they weren’t fucking around either they really went at it. After a night of grappling across every piece of furniture in the room, Nick had to take a smoke break. He spent it in front of the patio window showing his big dick off to the whole world, and although we were up on the 10th floor I’m pretty sure anyone in the building opposite us got an eyeful. Both Nick and Trevor had these stupid fedoras they had picked up from somewhere and Nick got it into his head that he could flip it up with his foot and land it on his head. It never really worked, but he sure looked good trying. Anyhow before I even knew what was happening, a very horny and apparently sexually frustrated Trevor is on the bed jerking off. We had bought a Huster earlier in the day and they all come with DVDs now, and the room had a DVD player. We had put in in earlier just to see what kind of porn you get free with a Hustler, and it turned out to be pretty good actually. Nick, seeing his buddy jerking off, and not being able to get with the girl in the room who was usually his sort of fuckbuddy but not tonight because of lady-problems, decided to jerk off too.

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