Dick Casey fucks Jason Mike (Staxus)


Mmm, hot naked country boys! And they’re hung! Dick Casey and Jason Mike are so sexy together…I just love Dick’s hot, muscular body…and dick. Enjoy watching Dick fuck Jason until they both explode!

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There’s no denying the shades of Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain in the opening moments of this superb set-piece between STAXUS favourite, Dick Casey, and his newest fuck-buddy, Jason Mike. Two guys wearing chequered shits and cowboy hats, hitting it off in the great outdoors whilst folk music twangs away in the background – why, this could almost be the X-rated version of Annie Proulx’s tale of forbidden love. In this particular instance, it’s most definitely lust rather than romance that gets the upper hand, as the opening kisses in the ranch’s garden quickly make way for something far more intense.

Indeed, both lads are clearly in the mood to get their rocks off sooner rather than later, as they proceed to munch on each other’s dicks before Casey pushes his pal across a conveniently placed table and gives Mike’s ass-hole a very hearty rimming. Of course, we’re all adult enough to know that this is but a foretaste of the main action to come, and unsurprisingly it’s no time at all before Casey has replaced his tongue with his granite-like dick, pounding Mike’s pucker for all that he’s worth in the process.

It’s a move that the blond bottom-boy savours to the full; before proceedings take on an even more intense persuasion when the lads move over to the grass and Mike sits on his mate’s cock, riding Casey’s pogo-stick to the hilt! No surprise therefore that it’s no time at all before both guys are spurting like a pair of geysers in response – as indeed (no doubt) will you!

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