Marcus and Tanker jack off (My Straight Buddy)


Uh oh, I think “straight” cowboys Marcus and Tanker are trying to be a little too masculine, don’t you? Maybe they’re covering up something…like their love of cocks! Whatever the case may be, enjoy watching these two marines jack off together!

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This video is all about the bromance. Marcus & Tanker, both hot country-fried marines, are best friends and roommates in the barracks. Except for one month, they have spent pretty much every day together since boot camp, 2 years ago. So these guys are tight. Marcus and Tanker have been coming over to Joe’s house a lot recently, mainly just to get out of the barracks. You’d think they’d want to get away from each other for a minute, but these guys are inseparable best friends. They do everything together, and I mean everything, including jerking off. Tanker says “We’ll be playing Call of Duty and one of us is like, lets put a porn in.” Marcus says, “I’ll be beating off and he’ll just sit down at the end of my bed and watch. “Hey it’s a good show,” says Tanker. The best part of this video is, after they’re done, neither of them makes any move to put their clothes back on. That’s par for the course in the nakedest room in the Naked House, but it’s still hot, especially if you’re a fan of casual nudity. When I mentioned it, Marcus said he hadn’t even noticed. That’s the kind of casual comfort you get when you live with someone that close for that long.

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