Boris Orla fucks Kris Wallace (Staxus)


Scary soldier action! Ahh! Lots of shooting in this scene, so you might get scared if you are afraid of penises shooting their loads. Just be warned.  Boris is a very robust, masculine stud with a very nice, thick cock, and his comrade in arms Kris is soon in his arms and on top of his dick! That’s what happens when two sexy guys are brought close together after saving each other’s lives! Enjoy watching Boris give Kris a nice, hard pounding!

Staxus has lots of hot euro boys in hot gay scenes. Enjoy!

Army life can be extremely intense at times – after all, who’s to say that you won’t be gunned down by some enemy sniper at any moment? – so it’s perhaps not too surprising that soldiers like to take whatever opportunity comes their way to express their carnal instincts. Which helps explain the antics of Boris Orla and Kris Wallace in this brilliant, open-air escapade – a pair of over-sexed conscripts who are soon putting their guns to one side in favour of weapons of a completely different (and far more appealing) nature.

Fact is that neither of these beauties appear to show any hesitation when it comes to ripping off each other’s clothes and feeding off each other’s dicks. Nor does it take Orla long to literally lift his colleague off the ground, gently lay him down in the dirt and then promptly rim and subsequent fuck Wallace’s hungry little hole for all that it’s worth! What ensues is a magnificent display of man-on-man rutting that’ll have you working your own hard meat like fury, with the cute Polish bottom-boy taking every stiff inch that Orla can muster like a veritable pro.

Then again, of course, we’ve seen enough of his lad already to know what he’s capable of, and it certainly comes as no surprise when (having been reamed raw in a series of uncompromising positions) he finally spews his wad mid-fuck. A display that’s only topped by the sight of Orla creaming all over Wallace’s face barely a few moments later. As army recruitment goes, could the military do any better?

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