Kieron shows off his hot Eurasian heritage (Chaos Men)

His “heritage” being his sexiness and giant, delicious cock, of course! Too bad Kieron is super straight… 🙁  Oh well! At least we get to see him in solo action – those pecstacular pecs sure are yummy! Enjoy!

Talk about a good mix of genetic material!Kieron is half Chinese half Polish.He likes Latin and Asian girls, mostly though, I think it is a size thing as he likes to pick ’em up, and move them however he wants.Kieron was a bit of a surprise as I had been wooing him for several months, so I thought I would surprise you today with his solo.

I don’t think he will be back to do more work, though he did like the way the money sounded for just getting head. He said he has a lot of gay friends, and he thought word would spread too fast to friends and family.

I don’t get too many Asian guys come my way, so please enjoy, because he is definitely an Elite model!

And if he comes in for a blow job, I swear I am doing it. He is as nice as can be and that foreskin was making me horny the entire shoot! But I suspect he won’t be back for ‘more.’

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