Felix Webster and Xander Hollis fuck Skylar Blu (Staxus)


Mmm, three sexy twinks! Lucky little bottom Skylar gets double dicked by Felix and Xander…what a sight! Enjoy watching these three hot boys getting it on!

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Give three hot and horny lads a king-sized bed and what do they do? Well, let’s put it this way, Skylar Blu, Xander Hollis and Felix Webster sure as fuck don’t just curl up and go to sleep! Mind, with Blu serving as part of the count then any hope of a quiet night’s sleep was always gonna be in vain. As always, this brazen little fucker just can’t wait to get his two pals in the mood, nudging them into action and offering his thick, uncut dick as sweet temptation.

Not long after it’s his ass that’s served up as the main offering – one that Webster is clearly only too eager and willing to take full advantage of as he rims that eager little pucker for all that it’s worth. But it’s what this fiery trio get up to once Blu’s ready to get that ring of his fucked to full fury that’s really going to attract your attention.

First banged by one cock, then by another; then rigorously spit-roasted; and then finally taking both dicks up his ass at the same time for the kind of superb double-penetration that all twinks surely dream about in their deepest, darkest fantasies. But believe us, there’s no fantasy here. Just plain, hardcore reality that’ll have you jerking off time and time again. All nicely wrapped up by a stupendous cum-dripping facial which Blu can’t get enough of!

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