Axel Ducharme and his big dick (YouLoveJack)


Yum yum yum, Axel is a naughty, horny little boy…with a big dick! Don’t you just want to slurp it all down your throat? Enjoy watching Axel work out a load!

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Axel sits back with his cock standing tall in his lap but his mind is on other matters as his hand creeps tentatively down to his ass. He pulls his legs up to give himself easier access as he slides his finger into his body. Looking right into the camera with an expression of guilty pleasure as he digs his finger deep into his asshole.

He grabs his cock with his free hand and it quickly matches pace with the finger drilling his asshole. He holds out as long as he can then splatters thick gooey mess of pure twink cum all over his smooth belly. Bucking and convulsing on the orange chair as his body ejaculates a pearly white reward.

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