Jason bottoms for Tito (Active Duty)


Most Active Duty scenes seem to be solos or oral scenes, so you know you’re lucky when you get to see two military studs fucking! This time hottie Jason offers up his shapely ass to Tito, who gives him a good plowing! Enjoy!

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Jason and Tito demonstrate how to make the most of the time change in this hot morning scene from Active Duty! Kaden asks if the two young strangers are ready, and then leaves them to get acquainted. Jason says hooking up in the early morning is a “good way to wake up.” After a little chit-chat the guys get down to business. Tito gets up on his knees to yank off Jason’s shorts. “Well there’s my friend for the day,” Tito says, as Jason’s rod comes popping out of his boxers. Next Jason finds his “friend for the day” by removing Tito’s shorts and we’re off!

Kaden comes in and says, “Looks like I came back at the right time!” With that said, it’s time for the guys to start getting some members in mouths, as Tito grabs behind Jason’s head to encourage him to go down on him. He gets the hint and starts sucking on Tito, while the latter slaps on Jason’s hole for a bit. Soon, the guys flip around so that Jason is on his back and Tito can give Jason some oral attention. Tito manhandles Jason’s pole with gusto, giving him a good hand job and blow. We’re in there good with the camera too, getting every slurp and sucking noise possible.

You’ll have to see just how things pan out for the two of them. I will tell you that Jason ends up bottoming for Tito and gets a serious pounding. While he may have grimaced through the scene, and held on to the bed for dear life while Tito bucked into him, I think he enjoyed himself! Certainly, their large loads don’t lie!

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