Wilson gets sucked off by Dixon (Corbin Fisher)


Wilson is a sexy, sporty new stud over at Corbin Fisher, and it’s time to get to know him! It’s his first time getting oral from a guy – at least on camera, as he jokes – and the lucky guy who gets to sample his load is Dixon! Enjoy meeting Wilson!

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Wilson’s the kind of laid-back, easygoing and cute young college guy that fits in perfectly at CF. When Pete asks him if this is his first time doing anything like this, he breaks out in to a smile and laughs, “On camera!”. He admits he loves jerking off, but we have a little more than just a jerk off session in store for him!

Wilson works out a lot, and it shows in his tight and defined build. He also plays just about every sport you can imagine, each also contributing to that hot body of his.

Seeing Wilson in his first video, it’s clear this young man was having fun. He seemed to genuinely and thoroughly enjoy answering every question he could, and seemed to get off on showing off for all of us. He’s open to new experiences, he admits, so Dixon steps up to offer him one with a hot BJ. Wilson definitely enjoys it, and fires off a big load in to Dixon’s mouth. As blown away by that BJ as he looked, though, Wilson couldn’t help but talk dirty to Dixon and encourage him to swallow all his cum. He’s a natural!

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