Tex Holcum fucks Coda Filthy (Peter Fever)


Hmm, those are some interesting names you have, Tex and Coda…but you sure are sexy! I wonder what the creepy banging noise will turn out to be when the series of scenes ends…I hope it’s Peter Le working out in the attic or something hot like that! For now, there are plenty of sexual acts going on between guys like Tex and Coda to distract from the creepiness! Enjoy watching Coda get pounded!

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I can’t believe it’s been three months already since we first met. Reminiscing about our first date at Santa Monica Pier made me realize we are just as crazy about each other now as we were three months ago.

Suddenly we heard a sound coming from upstairs. What was that? There was no one up there…I felt chills run down my spine. Tex went to check out what was making the noise and he was taking a while to come back. A feeling of anxiety consumed me and I started worrying about the love of my life.

“Boo!” Tex jumped out from behind and scared me. I was pissed because I thought the banging noise might have got him. That’s when he suggested we do some banging of our own. Check out this scary premiere of “The Haunting – Creepy Noises”.

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