Lyle Boyce gets fucked by a huge dildo (Bulldog Pit)


Cute little twink Lyle gets lured into a mysterious room that can only be described as a twink milking station! He uses all the toys at his disposal to probe his ass and stroke his nice cock until he’s release a hot load! Enjoy the scene!

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Young and cute Lyle is chilling out in the park when he gets a suspicious call, telling him to head to a certain address or else bad things might happen. As soon as he arrives, he’s locked in and challenged to a game, a game like no other!! All he can see is a collection of dildos and a very odd looking machine, also with a thick dildo on the end…it doesn’t look pretty, but it does look horny as fuck!! In Ashley’s inimitable way, Lyle is subjected to one of the horniest games a twink could ever experience. Legs up and hole exposed, his smooth pale skin is merged with the pumping dildo from the machine, not being able to leave until the job is complete and he shoots his load from his impressively large dick for such a small young twink! He’s free to go, but does he really want to leave such an experience behind him?

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