Olly Daniels has a HUGE cock! (Bentley Race)


Wow, what a great day for hot boys with big dicks! Olly here certainly has a HUGE cock…I just want to play with it so badly! Please Olly, please! Aside from his impressive dick, Olly is also cute and fit (plus he has a cute name, since he’s a sexy skater boy)! Enjoy watching him stroke out a nice load!

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Olly totally surprised me in this shoot when he pulled out his cock in the shopping arcade lane. He had been showing off on the skateboard when he ducked in to a door way and pulled his (already hard) dick out. The scene finished up on my couch with Olly stroking himself off with a little rubber fuck toy. Since Olly loves to show off I’ve already invited him back for more scenes over this summer.

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