Seth Corrigan strokes his big dick (Squirtz)


Aww, poor Seth! It sounds like he’s looking for love in all the wrong places…just hooking up with guys all the time isn’t always the best way to go! We hope Seth finds a good boyfriend to make him happier (and to share that nice dick with)! Enjoy his hot solo scene!

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Seth Corrigan seems to have it all. With his dark mediterranean features, long, lean body, big dick and totally fuckable ass, he has every reason to see the world through rose coloured glasses. But in spite of all this going on, he’s one of those “the glass is half empty” kinda guys. We wanted to know what was going on in his sex life now that he is single and his first instinct was to tell us that his sex life for the last year has been “non-existent”. But when we pressed him a little more, some details emerged that contradicted his initial assessment. Like the various threesomes Seth has been engaging in, and these big men with big cocks that have been picking him up at clubs and parties. Even with all these hot guys he’s been with, he seems to regret it the next morning. I guess when it comes to sex, he just sets the bar a little higher than us mere mortals.

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