Leif jerks off in a hot solo (Chaos Men)


Mmm, Leif is a sexy, smooth, straight stud! Yum! Oh, and he’s quite decently hung, too! More yum! Enjoy watching this hottie work out a nice load!

Let’s hope Leif has more sexy scenes at Chaos Men. In the meantime, click here to check out other hotties.

Leif sits firmly in the Twink category.   Young, lean, and those ever pouting lips, will make fans of younger guys swoon. If you are an older fan, chances are you will realize why I picked the name Leif for him.  Younger fans might have to do an internet search of former teen idols.

Leif actually prefers mature women, 40’s, 50’s….60’s.  Not sure if he is after a sugar-momma but he seems to like well-kept women who know what they are doing.

And for us mature guys, maybe there is a chance he likes older dudes as well!

His solo is really strong. He’s is playing to the camera, bone hard, and genuinely enjoying himself for us.

Not sure if he is down for guy-guy work, but I did manage to get him to receive head, so stay-tuned next week for that!

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