Austin shows off his big dick (Active Duty)


Mmm, what a yummy Marine stud! Austin has got some sexy blue-green eyes, great abs, and a big, juicy dick that I just want to suck on! I don’t remember if I’ve seen any other scenes with him, but apparently there are some super sexy ones! I couldn’t care less about his somewhat cheesy tattoos with that thick, mesmerizing cock popping out of his pants! Enjoy his solo scene!

Click here now to check out Austin’s full scene at Active Duty.

Active Duty’s 6’4″ blond, baby-faced Marine Austin is just gorgeous. He has such pretty blue eyes and a pretty body (and a pretty everything.) I personally love how we get a little show from him in the special gallery of photos. The tease of him slowly revealing his body underneath his uniform is such a thrill. I really like how these photos turned out, and I think you’ll enjoy them too. Of course, this never-before-seen solo that goes with the photos is something extra special too. It’s a sensual, seductive solo that is very sexy.

Make sure to check out Austin’s other scenes while you’re at it. I think I’m particularly fond of his three-way with Carson and Dustin (as it features one of the most “bendy” shower scenes we’ve shot) and his pairing with Blake (where if I didn’t know any better, they got engaged by the time it was over with). I still can’t get over how much kissing and smooching there is the Austin and Blake video. If those boys weren’t in love when they shot that scene, they had me fooled!

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