Easton gets pounded by Kellan (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm, Kellan! I’ll give an “Mmm” to Easton, too, since he is also sexy. And of course he is, since it’s time for more sexy boys from Corbin Fisher! Sexy, sexy, sexy boys! Having sex. Hot sex. Sex. Enjoy the sex, with Kellan pounding Easton!

It’s so nice to see more of Easton and Kellan here at Corbin Fisher. Click here now to check out more.

Easton’s proven himself to be quite the stud – his scenes have been instant hits, and people love seeing this young jock stud in action. The enthusiasm with which he took to getting in to action with his fellow CF studs has also won him many fans – and that enthusiasm is on display here to a whole new level as Easton gets fucked for the first time!

Just watching the kissing at the outset, as Easton and Kellan get totally wrapped up in one another and kiss deeply and passionately, makes it apparent some intensely hot action will soon follow.

Hot action is precisely what we get, as we see Easton’s ripped jock body bent over doggy style, Kellan’s cock pumping in and out of his ass, and Easton begging Kellan to fuck him harder!

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