Reagan gets pounded by Trenton (Corbin Fisher)


Don’t you just love it when hot straight studs lose their virginity to other hot straight studs? We sure do! Well, “straight,” anyway! Enjoy watching sexy Reagan get pounded by hung Trenton!

Corbin Fisher has so much hot action. Click here now to check out this entire scene!

This update is a big, big deal!

First, there’s the fact that Reagan is finally getting that hot ass of his fucked, with Trenton doing the honors and pounding Reagan until Reagan yells out, “I’m gonna cum!” and blasts out a big load.

But there’s also the fact that this update was shot in Scandinavia! Yup – it’s the first video released from our on-location shoot through Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We shot tons of hot videos there, with a bunch of our brightest, hottest young CF stars, and we’ll be rolling out scenes regularly here on CF until the release of the full Collection at! And, as you can see from the action in this video, there was just something about traveling abroad together that made these guys all eager and ready for some intense sex! So definitely, once you’ve recovered from watching this hot video, brace yourself for loads more hot action from our Scandinavia shoot!

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