Adrian Smallwood fucks Sig Sinclair (Staxus)


I want to massage a sexy, lean football/soccer/any-kind-of-sporty boy like Sig! Masseurs like Adrian probably see a lot of hot boys like him – enjoy watching the very special prostate massage that ensues!

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Adrian Smallwood is the masseur, Sig Sinclair the cute footballer in need of a massage – and needless to say it doesn’t take many minutes before what appears to be an innocent rub-down turns into something much more sexually charged. Primarily because of Smallwood, who clearly has a penchant for young soccer players and who quickly takes the opportunity to sniff Sinclair’s shorts.

That’s nothing to what ensues, however, once he’s persuaded the athlete out of his jockstrap – pouncing on Sinclair’s dick and giving it the kind of vacuum-suck that it deserves! It’s a move that clearly presses all the right buttons as far as the football player is concerned; and before you know it the two lads are busily engaged in a top-to-toe suckathon, latching on each other’s cocks and quite literally sucking the life out of them.

It’s a wonder that the spunk doesn’t shoot there and then; but Smallwood’s intentions are now firmly centred on Sinclair’s tight little ass-hole, and it’s no time at all before he’s abandoned all pretence of being a masseur and is instead pounding away at his young pal’s butt like a dedicated pro. Sinclair for his part takes every inch on offer without so much as a flinch – the action ultimately culminating in him working his rump up and down the length of Smallwood’s shaft cowboy-style. By this point, of course, there’s every feasible chance that you’ll have long since popped your cork. But if not then the sight of Smallwood blasting Sinclair’s face with jizz will surely do it!

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