Spin-the-bottle gets hot with David Road, Nick Daniels, and Julian Tomlinson (Bare Adventures)


David, Nick, and Julian start to play spin-the-bottle out of pure boredom and silliness, but then they realize just how silly they are! That game doesn’t work with three people, but hooking up in a hot threeway sure does! Enjoy watching Julian get plowed by David and Nick!

David Road, Nick Daniels and Julian Tomlinson are a perfect example of what can happen when you’re bored. They start playing spin-the-bottle and the young men soon find themselves in a hot threeway comprising of a hot blond jock, a handsome dark-haired hunk and a curly-haired twink. All of them have an enormous appetite for sucking dick and getting sucked off, which only fuels their desires for bareback sex. Nick and David take turns spit-roasting Julian, skewering him between them until splatter him with cum and leave him drenched in cum.

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