Skylar Blu, Milan Sharp, Tim Nutt and Kamyk Walker fuck around (Staxus)


Mmm…hung, bareback, twink foursome! I can’t wait to watch Milan, Tim, Skylar, and Kamyk have their fun! Those big, juicy boy dicks sure look delicious – enjoy the scene!

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Like many young power-bottoms, Skylar Blu has the urge to be filled. Not just by hard cock – although that’s clearly gonna be part and parcel of the “cure” for his predicament – but also by whatever toys or implements that his horny pals, Tim Nutt, Milan Sharp and Skylar Blu, can find to help bring him relief. Lucky for him, the three friends are more than a little eager and inventive when it comes to the task of meeting his needs.

Having invited Blu to thrust his jockstrapped ass into the air for their attention, they’re soon hard at work on the case, forcing a fine selection of dildos (not to mention a beer-bottle) into that hungry, hairless crack. What’s more, being the top performer that he is, Blu takes every solid inch they push his why like a veritable trooper – and still it isn’t enough! As such, it’s not too long at all before his three mates are taking turns to fuck that seemingly insatiable hole with their thick, uncut, unsheathed dicks, spit-roasting him and treating him like their nameless fuck-rag in the process.

It’s an unbelievably hot sight – one that’s gonna get you brimming on the edge right from the start – and it’s no fuckin’ wonder that the lads are soon spurting great wads of jizz all over Blu’s face, leaving the slut quite literally creamed all over!

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