Olly Daniels gets his cock wet (Bentley Race)


Wow…Olly’s dick is another one of those fascinating dicks that you could just stare at all day long! It’s thick, pale, uncut shaft looks like a giant plump larva that wants to burrow inside me! Ok, that sounds kind of gross, but still, I want it inside me! Enjoy watching Olly whip out his monster cock in the shower!

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A surprise update from Zac this morning. He and Olly Daniels have been doing some shooting in my bathroom while I was away earlier this week. 20 year old Olly was one of the most popular guys to join us this year. All my mates want to get in to a scene with him. Unfortunately for them, our new mate is straight. But Olly doesn’t mind showing it off anyway. He told me that he loves showing off on camera. And with one of the thickest uncut cocks I’ve ever seen, I’m glad he is a bit of an exhibitionist. The scenes of him getting naked out on the roof and in the city lane ways are amazing! So here’s one more peek at Olly soaping up his fat tool in the shower. ¬†Enjoy!

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