Let’s welcome new recruit Liam! (Active Duty)


Meet Active Duty’s Liam! This handsome Army man is 23 years old, stands 6′ tall and weighs in at 180 lbs. He’s got a bunch of tattoos on his chest and arms and is a total adrenaline junkie. Liam enjoys motocross, wakeboarding and all sorts of action sports. He’s got a pretty face, big log and perky nipples too.

Dink Flamingo struck up a friendship with Liam a number of months ago, but couldn’t get him to get in front of the camera until now. He jokes with him that he’s been directing for 15 years and has seen everything by this point and that Liam has to leave us in awe. Liam hops in the shower and Dink tracks his every move with the camera. Liam shows off his hairy hole for us while remaining rock hard under the water. As he sits on the tub and strokes his big log he asks, “you like that?” while waving it in the air towards the camera. He starts to finger himself a little bit while jerking and whispering dirty talk. It isn’t too long until Liam is busting his creamy load all over the bathroom floor. He says he’ll come back “Anytime. Whenever you need me!” so I think we’ve got a team player on board!

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