Liam gets serviced by Jason (Active Duty)


Straight stud Liam is already moving to the next step in his very gay journey! We all know that Active Duty men love to serve…and to service each other! Jason gets the first taste of Liam’s nice dick in this hot oral scene – enjoy!

If you missed Liam’s solo scene, click here now to see the new Active Duty recruit!

Active Duty’s sexy new recruit Liam returns to take the next step across the line by receiving his first gay BJ from Jason! Kaden Saylor tells Liam that because Dink Flamingo shot his solo, that he (Kaden) wants the chance to work with him and shoot another solo of him. Sly Kaden spices things up by later telling him that Jason is there and willing to suck him. Liam hesitantly agrees to try it, but eventually gets more into the idea saying, “I’m up for it! Let’s do it!” Jason comes in and Kaden assures Liam that he is in good hands as he leaves the pair to get to know one another.

They start out shooting the breeze and talking about tattoos, but before long Jason has Liam’s beautiful rod in his mouth. Jason sucks Liam in several positions, including letting the new recruit stand on his knees and thrust his face while talking dirty! Liam seems to be enjoying it, throwing his head back in ecstasy, and eventually Jason is using his hand to send the load onto Liam’s stomach. Liam isn’t ready to go down on a guy just yet, but he does watch with interest as Jason jacks his own load out at the end. Let’s hope they can get sexy straight Liam to do more soon!

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