Trenton and Brayden make a Josh sandwich (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm…boy sandwich…yum! What a hot three-way! Brayden sure has been sexually active lately, and this time he’s hungry for Josh’s and Trenton’s loads! Enjoy watching the three studs have their fun!

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Trenton and Brayden represent a great group of relative newcomers that have made CF their own, and shown themselves to be perfect Dean’s List prospects – they each look great, love sex, love getting in to some hot action with their fellow CF studs, and are willing to try most anything we might ever ask of them. They each made the Scandinavia shoot quite fun, and each had themselves a blast in the process.

These guys’ enthusiasm for sex is evident in every scene they’re in, and they perfectly represent the horny, young, enthusiastic American college guy that we love here at CF! Indeed, each reminds me of Josh in his earlier days at CF, when he was the fresh-faced newcomer exploring things and realizing just how much he loved some hot action with other guys. How could we not get these three in a scene together?! They take a break from exploring the sites in Norway (of which there’s loads of b-roll footage included with this video) to get in to a truly wild, intense, hardcore threesome, taking turns burying their hot cocks in tight holes, swallowing dicks balls-deep, and even making a Josh sandwich as he rides Trenton while Brayden rides him. By the end of it all, cum has sprayed everywhere – though mostly in to Brayden’s mouth!

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