Benjamin Riley bottoms for Malachy Luciano (Bare Twinks)


Admittedly, fetishes are as strange and has diverse as the people who have them…which is basically everyone. And sock fetishes are no different – some people like short socks, long socks, poofy socks, themed socks, etc. But even if you’re not into a fetish like socks, you can still appreciate the passion and lust of the people wearing them! Sexy lean twinks Malachy and Benjamin don their favorite foot coverings and go to town! Enjoy watching tanned Malachy plow pasty Benjamin!

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Benjamin and Malachy are so into it as they sniff and suck on each others socked feet. The boys are feeling kinky, but once their dicks are throbbing and needing some sucking they get into a horny 69 that proves how hungry they are for each other. Benjamin’s soft welcoming hole takes a thorough bareback pounding when Malachy eases in, ending with a couple of facials that has us all joining in too!

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