Jacob pounds Scott in some action! (Corbin Fisher)


Jacob’s jumping right in to things with both feet! Not only were we recently treated to the sight of this hot-bodied, Southern stud fucking Harper, but that action also took place outdoors in quite the different setting for these guys. Now, not long after that, we’re seeing him go to town on Scott!

You can tell these two guys were ready for a hot fuck the instant the cameras were rolling here. They’re making out is intense and passionate, and their hands are roaming all over each other as they feel one another up, grab ass, stroke cock, and tear their clothes off. They waste little time swallowing one another’s cocks, and get in to some hot 69 action.

The main event is the fucking, though, and it is hot! Jacob’s ripped body looks amazing as he pounds away, and Scott clearly can’t get enough of being on the receiving end of Jacob’s hard dick. Jacob fucks a load out of Scott that just keeps on coming, before coating Scott’s hole with his own!

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