Abram takes a shower (Corbin Fisher)


Abram is a new, lean, fit Corbin Fisher stud with some pretty absmazing abs! But what’s this? They made him get a haircut before doing the scene? Aww…but I like my boys with big, poofy haircuts! Oh well, Abram is still super hot and I can’t wait to see his huge load fill up those deep abs ridges! Enjoy his sexy shower solo!

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When Abram arrived at the studio for his shoot, he had a huge mop of hair on his head. I wasn’t sure how that’d go over, so I’ll confess we ran him down to the local stylist and had them give him a trim. When he came back, I have to say I was quite surprised – he looked even better than I expected!

Apologies to any of you that are in to guys with lots of shaggy hair, but I think we can all agree Abram looks pretty damn good! Granted, he has a lot going for him – his body is perfectly cut and defined and quite impressive – not too big, but ripped in all the right places. He has a great smile and great eyes, and he’s incredibly friendly – just a fun guy to have around!

Granted, we’re more focused on seeing this hot stud stroke out a load – and he looks great while doing it!

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