Connor pounds Brayden (Corbin Fisher)


Hot! That couch chair thingy sure looks fun! Connor and Brayden have convinced me to buy one whenever I have a house, money, and a place to put it. Then they can come over and fuck on it too! Connor is looking as amazing as ever and his big dick splitting Brayden’s studly ass open is so hot! We hope you enjoy watching Connor pound Brayden!

Are you even reading this description, or did you begin to frantically download the video the instant you saw it had Connor? I could probably write anything here, since I suspect most everyone immediately started downloading this video and doesn’t care what’s written here – it has Connor! Connor fucking Brayden!

Just in case you are reading this, though – this video has Connor! Connor fucking Brayden! Connor! Fucking Brayden!

It has certainly been quite some time since we’ve seen Connor in action, but I think you’ll find the wait has been worth it! We knew we wanted to get this stud back in front of the cameras – it was only a question of when, and with whom. Well, I think we’ve all learned by now that Brayden looks amazing getting fucked and loves to get fucked and so he seemed like the perfect candidate to welcome Connor back.

During his time off, Connor has managed to become even more buff and even more of a stud – you wouldn’t think that was possible! That amazing cock and that stamina of his are still there, though, and Brayden discovers that here!

I suspect Brayden knew what a big deal it was to get to take on Connor’s cock, and we can all see he most definitely enjoyed it. Connor relentlessly drills Brayden’s ass, and when Brayden finally does cum he’s spraying it up in to the air and all over. It’s quite the return for Connor, and quite the treat for Brayden!

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