Max Dawson blows his load (Videoboys)


Max Dawson is a cutie with a hot cock and he’s ready to show off his fucking skills by plowing a fleshy vagina! Maybe he’ll graduate to boys next! His tooth gap is also super adorable, as is the rest of his sexy little body. Enjoy watching Max have his fun!

Ok, we’re not denying that we think 18 year old Max Dawson is one of the hottest guys we’ve ever had on camera. And after his first solo we wanted to see him again as soon as possible on Videoboys. But more than just an ordinary jerk off, we wanted to see Max in action. Since he wasn’t yet ready to fuck a boy we settled on having him fuck a plastic pussy. And Max really liked the idea.

Considering all his sexual experience we wouldn’t have thought this substitute for the real thing would be satisfying for Max but life is full of surprises. When Max slid his rock-hard boner into the little plastic fuck-hole the sensation was a lot better than he had expected and it only took a few strokes before he would have to pull out or else cum long before we were ready for him. At one point he gave it one stroke too many and felt his balls start to pump. So he pulled out and tried to suppress the feeling by pinching off his foreskin. But it was too late and when he finally let go of his foreskin a big puddle of cum dumped down on to the plastic pussy. But this was no problem for Max Dawson. He just wiped it off, repositioned himself and went right back at it. His second orgasm (with only a few seconds pause since the first one) was far more satisfying for him and his cum shooting out and landing on the bench was a visual that was very satisfying for us.

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