Ellis jerks off (Corbin Fisher)


Ellis is a sexy new college boy over at Corbin Fisher – just look at that cute smile and those bright blue eyes! He also has a great body with some pretty absmazing abs and a nice, thick dick! Yum! Enjoy watching Ellis blow his load!

The first time Ellis had sex, he was on a hotel balcony and there were people watching. So, I think we know he’ll fit in perfectly here at CF!

Ellis most definitely doesn’t mind having an audience – in fact, he quite likes it. That a guy this hot, with such a hot body, thoroughly enjoys having people watching him is quite the treat, and hearing Ellis tell us what an exhibitionist he is obviously got my imagination running.

Of course, getting off on people watching isn’t enough in and of itself, but Ellis has a huge sex drive and is always horny as well. He jerks off every morning in the shower, starting each day off with some quality “me time”. Another routine he has is working out, and he pays extra attention to his arms and abs when he does it. I think we’ll all agree the results of that dedication show and look great, and I also think we can all agree this young stud with his high sex drive and exhibitionist streak is a welcome addition to CF!

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Click here now to check out the full scene at Corbin Fisher.

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