Jaxon Radoc fucks Oscar Roberts (Staxus)


Well hello, sexy boys! Jaxon Radoc and Oscar Roberts have matching swoopy hair-dos, matching smooth, twink bodies, and matching loads waiting to get blown! But what’s not matching is the size of their cocks – while Oscar’s is quite nice, Jaxon’s is much bigger and MUCH thicker! Oscar definitely wants it in his mouth and up his ass, and boy is he going to get it. Enjoy watching Oscar get plowed by Jaxon!

There’s plenty of shower-rooms that could tell a secret or two given the chance, and with horny lads like Oscar Roberts and Jaxon Radoc frequenting them it’s no small wonder. For there’s no denying the fact that both these boys – each one a tremendous STAXUS favourite, and for every obvious reason – are as horny as fuck and as fucking desirable because of it!

Indeed, this is an encounter that promises much simply from the quality of the pairing, and believe us when we tell you that it doesn’t disappoint. But let’s be honest here, how could it? Either of these beauties could entertain most of us for a lifetime given the opportunity, and the combination of them copping off in a less then salubrious bathhouse will surely prove more than sufficient arsenal for a good old-fashioned wank from a whole army of our fans. Radoc, the almost perfect blond fuckmeister, and Roberts, who not only sucks dick like his very existence depended on it but who rides his Aussie buddy’s fuck-rod with an almost artistic fury.

It’s a coupling that will have you jerking off like a feckin’ dog on heat; and by the time that Radoc is banging his antipodean spunk-sac against Roberts’s pert little ass there’s every good chance that you’ll be struggling to hold back your own sticky and very much needed wad. But hold back if you possibly can – the sight of Roberts getting the jizz literally banged out of him and Radoc then squirting all over his pal’s cute face surely warrants an appreciative viewing time and time again!

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